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Our Service
In one sentence: EUtrek is a subscription-based service providing advanced analysis and monitoring of stock exchange markets. EUtrek offers:
Wide coverage: EUtrek is a multiple market service covering a growing number of exchanges.
Automatic detection of patterns: EUtrek detects and displays investment opportunities as they occur. EUtrek features sophisticated and patented mathematical algorithms which continually scan the markets to detect and present, both visually and textually, a large spectrum of technical analysis patterns.
Objective live comment: EUtrek produces an automated textual analysis of all the symbols covered, through a set of patented AI algorithms. The commentary produced is objective and verifiable. It is also multi-lingual, so it is presented in the language of the user’s interface.
Advanced Charting Capabilities: EUtrek’s Intellichart is one of the most advanced, interactive charting tools available on the web.
Dual service: EUtrek features a dual service. It can either operate on the user’s browser, making the service accessible without installation, from anywhere on the Internet. In addition, there is a Desktop version of EUtrek requiring installation and offering a more versatile user interface. Users may use both versions interchangeably.
Education: EUtrek features an extensive library of tutorials, FAQs, a Glossary and a paper-trade simulator, which explain the use of various technical analysis tools and discuss investment strategies.
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