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Scanning multiple exchanges,
identifying trends,
educating investors
Our Philosophy
Our team includes experts in finance, information technology, advanced mathematics and operations management. Our patented analysis models have been derived from Wall Street experience. Our experts in database design have developed a system that can simultaneously accept multiple data-feeds in different formats and specifications and homogenise them in a single unified environment. Our unique multilingual solution has been partially funded and highly commended by EU’s eContent programme.
Our vision is to become the multi-market monitoring and analysis platform of choice for private investors on the web.
Our strategy is to utilise the EUtrek platform as a backbone to build localised services in each country featuring the local stock exchange(s) in the local language. These services will be organised and distributed by local partners, operating within each country. This will form an “On EUtrek” network of local services allowing customers of one “On EUtrek” service to gain access to markets supported by other “On EUtrek” sister services at marginal utility cost.
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